Janet Page is my third student.  She did a very nice painting as you can see and has already signed up for the class starting the 2nd Wednesday in January.

Janet is working on her third painting which is blue hydrangeas in a water can. It is coming along great.

The Lemons and Pumpkins were added on 09/25/2009 and the Blue Hydrangeas are in limbo somewhere.

I understand the Hydrangeas painting got away before the teacher got a picture. Janet, if you will take a digital picture and send it to: bernie@fentonfinderskc.com I will get it added to this page.

Picture #1

Picture #2

The inspiration used a John Deere but our family uses FarmAll so this one is red.

Lemons in a Bowl

Beautiful Pumpkins

Painting #5

Fall Timber & Water Fall. Very pretty Janet.