August 21, 2008 was a momentous occasion for me. That Thursday

was the day some very good friends put up my new sign on my new shop.

Esther's Easel is now a fact. That Thursday was also my first class day.

My good friends and high school class mates Linda Andrews Stewart and

Paulette Obermeier Curry were my first students. This was their first time to

paint and they did very well. We were all very tired at the end of the day but

they were happy with their pictures of a farm scene with a barn and old

wagon. This picture should have been a two day class but Linda lives near

Bronson so we did it in one long day.

I learned that the next class of beginners will be a picture of sky,

mountain and trees, and maybe water, and a road.

At church the next Sunday I asked Paulette if she was still happy with

her picture. She said her only complaint was she did not like her signature.

I know that can be fixed although I have yet to be satisfied with my own. It

is still a work in progress.

Everyone interested in learning to paint might want to practice how

they want to sign their paintings.

I was taught way back when to sign my paintings with a liner brush

and paint. That is not easy to do, believe me. Now I know the best way is

to use a wipe out tool and write your signature in a dark section at the

bottom of your painting. This brings up the light background and is much

easier to control. A wipe out tool is like a pencil with a rubber tip on one

end and a rubber wedge on the other. This tool can be used in many ways to

either wipe out a mistake, to make a correction or clean up an area or to

make an addition to a subject.

I hope you are enjoying my web site. Keep coming back and I will

try to add more information. Any questions are welcome. Any constructive

advice is also very welcome. I am still learning too so donít be afraid to

jump in and let me know what is on your mind. Remember I am a great-grandmother

so please be kind.

Sincerely Esther Shields

757-2101 or

Please put (painting) in the subject line to catch my eye. Thanks